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Project: VAULT

Brand Identity, Visual Design

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Getting to know Vault

The first step was to know what message Vault was trying to send with their clothing brand. They wanted to ensure that their customer's brand experience matches the lifestyle and culture that they are buying. Vault wanted to give off the vibe that when you buy a Vault product, you're literally "Vaulting over the rest." 

Afterwards, I did research on who their competitors were and took notes on what they did successfully and what they didn't get right. 

vault mood.png


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Developing the Brand

After doing some research on competitors, we discovered that the brands that are always on top have strict consistency, purpose, and awareness. With Trendy clothes and strong branding. these companies connect with their customer's desire to be a part of something big.

Having that information, we started off by drafting logos for the brand to choose from. We gave them a variety of different wordmarks that we believe were eye-catching and fitting for their brand. 



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The Solution

They decided to go with the last option we gave them, with "Morganite" as the font. They liked how tall and bold it was, and the versatility it had. A simple yet bold logo like that can be used on any medium and still not get flushed out. The thickness of the font makes the logo look strong while the tight spacing makes it look stylish and modern.


- 05

Finalizing the Look

After finalizing the logo, they wanted to create a brand package for their customer's orders. They requested black and gold to be a big part of their brand. 

Since the logo itself is very clean and versatile, I decided that just leaving the logo at the center with no other elements around it would be

eye-catching and memorable. 




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